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Bond markets: issues and implications

This post collates some of the issues being highlighted by experts regarding the Indian corporate bond markets, and the implications for debt mutual funds. Debt funds are risky… Suyash Choudhary, head of fixed interest at IDFC AMC, outlines the market structure and issues – The macro Markets for financing in India Behavioural thinking and operating
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Share buy-backs in India

A share buyback means a company buys their own shares from the market when they want to reduce their number of shares available in the open market. Share buyback in India – legal provisions In India, buyback of listed shares was permitted by the Companies (Amendment) Act, 1999 by the insertion of Sections 77A, 77AA
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Differential voting rights in India – a summary

What are DVRs? Dual Class Shares (DCS) or shares with Differential Voting Right (DVR) as popularly known in India, simply mean that a company has issued more than one class of stocks with different voting rights. In other words, DVRs are shares that give the holder different voting rights compared to someone who owns ordinary

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Intro to Modern Monetary Theory

Being a professor in risk management, Professor Frank Ashe had to explain the biggest risk event in recent history – the global financial crisis. He went back to basics to understand the genesis of the credit bubble, in the process discovering Modern Monetary Theory and how government deficits are not as bad as people think.
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Role of credit rating agencies

Credit rating agencies have been criticized for their role in the 2007 sub-prime crisis, which led to the global financial crisis, but it wasn’t until a recent lawsuit exposed their internal emails that it became clear to what extent they were responsible. While the global financial crisis can’t be blamed on any one in particular,

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Global investment consultants eyeing India?

India has been wooing foreign investments, both directly as foreign direct investments (FDI) into companies as well as indirectly as ‘foreign institutional investors’ (FIIs) or ‘foreign portfolio investors’ (FPIs) into its capital markets and alternative investment funds (AIFs). FIIs already hold a significant portion of India’s listed equity market, affecting daily market fluctuations. However, the
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Factor investing 101

Global markets are made up of dozens of asset classes and millions of individual securities, making it challenging to understand what really matters for your portfolio. But, there are a few important drivers that can help explain returns across asset classes. These ‘factors’ are broad, persistent drivers of return that are critical to helping investors
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How to analyse MF portfolio and performance

Investors see lists of ‘top performing’ mutual funds that have performed well over both long-term and short-term horizons. But will they do so in the future? Researchers believe that good mutual funds have clearly stated investment styles that specify whether the fund manager will invest in large or small companies, whether those companies exhibit growth or value characteristics etc. We

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Does robo-advice work?

Tech start-ups are hot. Within that, ‘fintech’ is hot. And within that, ‘robo-advice’ is a term that’s starting to be bandied around even in the Indian market. What do these terms mean and why are they relevant to anyone associated in the asset/wealth management industry? (By the way, I have combined the wealth and asset
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Choose your value proposition

Unlike medicine where there is a clearly defined distinction between the general practitioner and various specialists, wealth management is a grey area the world over. While global regulators are increasingly separating brokers/distributors from advisers based on compensation source, wealth managers can still choose their own business model and area of focus based on their own
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Understanding risk profiling

  Paul Resnik of Finametrica explains the concept of risk profiling and the stability of the risk tolerance measure over time.

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What can financial advisers call themselves?

I used ‘educator’ on my LinkedIn heading before being told it sounds like a professor. Not that there is anything wrong with being a professor – I would love to be one, in fact – but it just intimidates my audience of mostly women and young people (for The Money Hans initiatives). I could tell
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Fund managers need the right temperament

What kind of people make good fund managers? While everyone should be interested in this question, there is surprisingly little research on this topic. Dr Jack Gray talks to Hansi Mehrotra about his efforts and findings. While the general perception may be that investments is about numbers, investment professionals everywhere agree that money management is
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Factors to consider in compliance monitoring program

Using a tick-the-box approach for monitoring of conflicts of interests will probably lead to regulatory issues and reputational disasters. Wealth firms will need to have code of conduct and conflict of interests programmes adjusted so as to be appropriate for their business model. Conflicts of interests are everywhere. Firms in financial services, especially in wealth

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Family offices generating interest

The number of high net worth individuals in the Asia Pacific region has touched 4.3 million, equaling that to that in North America, according to the CapGemini World Wealth Report 2014. Yet the number of family offices in the region, numbering just over 100, ‘does not reflect the boom in regional wealth’ according to CampdenFB.
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Empowering rural India

Inspired by the movie Swades, Ronnie and Zarina Screwvala founded the Swades Foundation that operates with the single-minded focus of empowering rural India. Screwvala believes, “India cannot rise to its true potential without a fundamental transformation in the lives of people in rural India”. “For over a year, we met other philanthropists, visited many villages
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Customising trusts in India

Abhijit Joshi of AZB & Partners discusses the different trust structures in India, investing abroad, trustee firms and how the Indian Trust Act is different. 1. What are the most common forms of trusts that Indian promoters ask for, or that get set up generally? (1:52) 2. If a client wants to invest overseas, what

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Consumer protection takes more than transparency

The principles of transparency and disclosure are visible everywhere from fast-food menus to financial regulation. But if lawmakers don’t consider the behavior of both markets and consumers, better information may not translate to smarter shoppers.
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Lost money? Re-invest!

Investors sometimes play a psychological trick on themselves when they lose money, research suggests—and that mental accounting trick may help improve their investment performance.
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How to motivate better

How do you know if you are selecting the right motivational strategies to convince your employees, peers, and even yourself to work smarter and harder?