about us

Money Management India is a knowledge network for insights and funds research on investing in India

In summary, we aim to be –

trade media for the asset & wealth management industries

  • Curation-as-a-service with compilation of the best content on internet on the same theme, organised by topics and tags
  • Original articles by MMI editor & team on various topics and asset classes within broader theme of investing in India
  • Blog for selected industry leaders
  • Outlet for thought leadership for brands to reach others within industry

networking marketplace

  • Directory of providers, organised by type with appropriate list of services, tags etc
  • Internships for freshers to get hands-on experience and exposure to all asset classes

research portal

  • Dossiers on publicly available information on asset management companies across asset classes and fund licenses
  • Rating tool allowing IFAs to maintain investment research effectively

education portal

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – coming in 2022


We want knowledge to be free. But it costs money to collate, curate and produce content. So after an initial trial period, MMI will work on a freemium model – 

free subscriber

0 Forever
  • insights - articles by MMI team/editor on various topics
  • insights - compilations of summaries and links
  • insights - blog posts by guest authors
  • insights - video interviews with industry leaders on general topics
  • sponsored content by partners
  • event listing of upcoming events across industry
  • directory of companies across industry
  • discussions @ twitter
  • career dossiers for freshers

basic member

tbc Annually
  • free level plus
  • discussions with other members
  • research dossiers on mutual funds
  • video interviews with fund managers on their investment style/process
  • rating tool
  • education on financial planning & mutual funds (coming in 2022)

premium member

tbc Annually
  • basic member plus
  • research dossiers on alternatives
  • video interviews with fund managers on their investment style/process
  • education on alternatives (coming in 2022)