About Us


Who is this site for?

Money Management India is relevant for professionals in the Indian financial services industry who are involved in retail or institutional savings. It also serves as a central resource for overseas investors investing in India.

In particular, we hope to serve –
Investment advisers or portfolio construction practitioners – those who design, build and/or manage investment portfolios (or who must understand how others do so)
Wealth managers, distributers brokers and agents – those who advise or sell to individual or institutional investors on wealth management issues, including investments and wealth planning (such as mutual fund distributers, insurance agents and brokers, stock brokers, real estate agents and brokers etc)
Ancillary advisers – those who advise individual or institutional investors on other issues, such as tax and legal, which affect investments (such as accountants, lawyers, media advisers, academia etc)
Overseas investors investing in India – those who advise, or are themselves, individual or institutional investors on investing into India (such as investment consulting, pension funds, family offices, or any of the above categories)
Product manufacturers – those who offer financial products to any of the above (such as asset management companies, alternative investment funds, insurance companies, investment banks etc)

What we do

We aim to increase investors’ financial well-being by promoting better design of investment products, better delivery of wealth management advice and better communication.

We do this through sharing, discussion and debate. We invite industry professionals to participate through –
• experts sharing knowledge, opinions and battle scars through short articles or videos,
• commenting on others’ content,
• starting or commenting on important topical issues,
• presenting and attending events.

We do NOT promote specific products or securities, nor comment on short term views on markets. We focus on investment strategies and ideas with a medium to long term market horizon.

We will partner with relevant industry associations and sponsors who share our commitment to research, education and knowledge exchange. Their support enables us to cover costs and publish the website without charge to its readers. We retain the site’s content and editorial independence at all times.

Who we are

The logo represents our aim – better investment products, advice and communication. The dot in the middle represents the investor we are all serving.

The Money Management India network is an initiative by Hansipra Solutions Private Limited. Its principal is Hansi Mehrotra. You can read her profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/hansimehrotra

Hansi Mehrotra