Asset Management

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Career in Venture Capital

What is venture capital? “Venture capital is a kind of private equity financing that is provided by venture capital firms or funds to start-ups, early-stage, and emerging companies that have been deemed to have high growth potential or which have demonstrated high growth.”  This is a “getting slowly rich” kind of a job wherein advancing
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Career in Equity Research

What is equity research? Sell-side equity research ranges from analyzing company’s fundamentals, gathering data from sources like; financial reports, industry events, earnings calls, interpreting data from market news etc., to making financial models and valuations. All this leads to a research report wherein a recommendation is given by the analyst about the stock of the
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Career in Credit Research

There are two divisions of financial analysis. The main difference between them lies in the securities being valued. Equity research deals with analyzing publicly listed stocks on the stock exchange. On the other hand, credit research refers to evaluating the debt portion of a firm. The main objective of both the types of research is to value a

Wealth Management

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Career in Private Wealth

What is private wealth management? Private wealth management is an investment advisory practice that incorporates financial planning, portfolio management, and other aggregated financial services for individuals, as opposed to corporations, trusts, funds, or other institutional investors. From the client’s perspective, private wealth management is the practice of solving or enhancing their financial situation and achieving


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Career in finance industry

So you want to work in finance? Finance is a pretty wide industry with a range of possible careers. You will need to narrow done much further. You could choose from the following – Investments – the asset and wealth management sectors are called the ‘buy side’, within asset management, the stock and bond markets
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Career in Investment Banking

Investment banking is the process of raising capital for businesses through public floatation and private placement of securities. The investment banking industry plays an important intermediation function in all market economies. Investment banking in India is a relatively new phenomenon exhibiting low level of competition. Most of the capabilities of an ideal investment banker are

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