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asset management

Researching like a pro

This summary focuses on the behavioral and psychological aspects that tend to repeat themselves in the markets.   CFA Jason A. Voss is a senior consultant

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Career in private equity

This summary focuses on the basics of private equity and introduces you to the different careers available for private equity (PE).  CFA Namit Arora managing

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Career in passive investing

This summary helps to understand the passive investing landscape in India, the opportunities it offers, role and responsibilities of a fund manager and how to

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Career in risk management

This paper is about the basics of risk management and an introduction to different careers that are available for risk management. It talks about the

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CAIA for alternatives

wealth management

Careers in PMS

This paper is about the world of portfolio management services (PMS) and an insight about how different PMS organizations operate in the market. This webinar

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Career in Private Wealth

What is private wealth management? Private wealth management is an investment advisory practice that incorporates financial planning, portfolio management, and other aggregated financial services for

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Career in Investment Banking

Investment banking is the process of raising capital for businesses through public floatation and private placement of securities. The investment banking industry plays an important

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