Quant Flexi Cap Fund Growth 

ISIN —- INF966L01457 

Overall analysis

This is one of the best-performing funds in its sector compared to its peers and they include 

Performance analysis 

The fund has consistently improved and is currently the 2nd most top-performing fund and is maintaining a high return and nearly touching the Upper Quartile line. It improved significantly after Feb 2021. 

The snail trail chart shows it has successfully generated a return in the maximum time and is currently outperforming the benchmark though with relatively higher risk.

The ownership zone is much broader and the centroid is placed in the “large balanced” sector which explains they pick stocks mainly including value, balanced as well as growth-oriented stocks. They also have mid-sized stocks in their portfolio.

Style – It is highly growth-oriented as the exposure is more than value exposure, currently it is below the category average.

Yield – It is generating a lower yield as we know a lower exposure to the yield factor indicates a lower yield for investors but a slightly more return than the industry average.

Momentum – It has higher exposure to momentum which means it has performed well recently. It is also seen it has performed better than the category of funds in this factor.

Quality – It is at per the category average, thus meaning like a good-quality firm.

Volatility – It is a non-volatile fund as the exposure was lower and thus fluctuation and change of price will be much less.

Liquidity – It means if the exposure is low then it will have a lower share turnover. It is having slightly more liquidity than the industry average.

Size – This depicts the market capitalization of the fund. It’s exposure to large-size levels. But it is much higher in size as compared to the category average. The fund is also at 5 years historical average high.


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