Kotak Flexicap Fund Growth 

ISIN– INF174K01336

Overall analysis

From analyzing the historical data through both performance and portfolio analysis, it can be understood that the fund does not provide entry for investments as returns have been negative.

Performance Analysis

The fund has been generating a positive alpha of around 5% but after Dec.2017 the chart went on generating negative alpha. It is going at per with the lower quartile and much below the median.

The fund started with giving positive returns with the risk associated with it but in due time it went down and currently is underperforming though with a relatively lower risk.

The ownership zone is much similar to the industry and the centroid is placed in the “large – balanced – growth” sector.

Style – It is higher growth-oriented as the exposure is more than value exposure.

Yield – It is generating a lower yield as we know a lower exposure to the yield factor indicates a lower yield for investors.

Momentum – It has higher exposure to momentum which means it has performed well and has generated a positive return in recent times

Quality – It is below the category average, thus meaning poor quality firm.

Volatility – It is a volatile fund as the exposure was higher and thus fluctuation and change of price will be much more.

Liquidity – It means if the exposure is high then it will have a higher share turnover but in this case the exposure is low, thus indicating lower exposure.

Size – This depicts the market capitalization of the fund. It’s exposure to small-size levels. But it is much higher in size as compared to the category average.


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