Quant First

Funds managed

Fund name Asset class – categoryLicense
Quant first alternative investment trustHedge fund?IN/AIF3/12-13/0018


Could not find website for the firm. This info is from LinkedIn

Quant First is a Research & Technology Firm having its presence in India and Singapore. Quant First develops Proprietary Statistical Computer Programs and Algorithmic Models for the Financial Markets. Quant First’ s flagship model fund- Option Alpha Hedge is a Prorietary Index Trading Model and presently trades the Indian Index derivatives market.

Key staff

no proper information as there is no proper site for this amc

Investment philosophy

no investment philosophy for aif cat 3 

Investment strategy


To do later

Analyst questions

Why doesn’t the firm website have information about Indiabulls investment trust

What is the investment philosophy for the firm

Prepared by – <Rushank Mehta>, October 2021


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