PremjiInvest (Family Office)

3134, Next to Wipro Corporate

Office, Doddakannelli, Sarjapur

Road, Bangalore – 560 035.

[email protected]

080-30278126  / 09845069360.

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset ClassLicense
Pioneer Investment FundLong only (PIPE)SEBI CAT 3

About the fund 

  • Pioneer Investment Fund was started by PremjiInvest on the 1st of November 2016.
  • Ramesh Ramaiah is one of the partners at PremjiInvest for over 9+ years. He has worked with Wipro as a Corporate Treasurer from 1995-2008, after which he was a CFO at Reva Electric Car Company. In 2010 he joined PremjiInvest as a Director and has had an active participation in the fund. He has several certifications to his name. 
  • Along with Mr. Ramesh Ramaiah, few other notable names are, T. Kurien (Managing Partner/ CIO), Rahul Garg (Partner) & Dhiraj Malkani (Partner) and Sandesh Patnam (Portfolio Manager). 
  • The fund holds stocks such as Future Lifestyle Fashions Ltd, Emami Ltd, Zydus Wellness Ltd, JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd & Future Retail Ltd.

Investment Philosophy (for firm)

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The above mentioned link has a list of the names of the partners with contact info available upon registering. It also has basic details of the company.

2)How PremjiInvest became a top investment co. from a family office, January 15th 2018.

The article by Economic Times (ET) states, how discreet the company is in terms of letting it’s functions known easily. It does not have an official website. With less number of employees yet highly talented, it proves to have chosen the best talent that has led this family office’s operations to a level where now it is touted to be one of the top investment companies. 

3)Brief about the fund,, September 14th 2017,

PremjiInvest has a corpus of over $1 billion through its two funds—PI Opportunities I and PI Opportunities II. The firm also received approval from the Securities and Exchange Board of India for a long-only PIPE fund called Pioneer Investment Fund, as per disclosures. PIPE refers to private investment in public equity. (VB)

Analyst questions

  1. What went behind keeping this fund (Pioneer) and the company i.e PremjiInvest so private in terms of what is known about it to the general public?
  2. What is the investment philosophy of the fund besides the long-term approach of the holdings?
  3. How has the fund performed since its inception in 2016? Also, what are the strategies used?
  4. What is the market cap that you look for while investing in PIPE ( small or mid cap ) or are you market cap agnostic? (VB) 
  5. What is the investment horizon of the fund, is it close ended or open ended fund? (VB)
  6. What is the target corpus (targeted AUM) of the fund, how much have you been able to raise so far? Who are your target investors- domestic or have you been raising money from foreign investors as well? How do you market your product? (VB)
  7. Do you outsource any of the activity related to this fund , if so how do you ensure due diligence of the operation? (VB)

Original Prepared by – Shivani

Peer review by – Vanshika , Date- 7 May



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