Karma Capital Advisors

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset ClassLicense
Karma Capital India Fundlisted public equity marketsSEBI cat 3

About the AMC

  • Founded in 2005 by Nikhil Desai & Rushabh Sheth
  • Key staff- Nikhil Desai, Director & Cofounder KCA ,(prior work ex- Portfolio Manager, at ASK Raymond James, Head of its Equity Assets business at ABN AMRO Bank’s Private Banking division),

Rushabh Sheth, Director and Co-Founder of KCA (prior work ex- Rushabh was the CIO (Equities) at Kotak Mutual Fund , Portfolio Manager at ASK Raymond James)

Investment Philosophy (for firm)

  • Value investing with a margin of safety
  • Absolute return mindset
  • Focus on risk adjusted returns
  • Think independently, even sometimes contrarian to general market consensus
  • Compound wealth over a medium to long term horizon


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Analyst questions

  1. Brief us about Karma Capital India Fund. How do you market your product? To whom does this product serve i.e. who are your investors?
  2. What are the fundamentals that you look for in a company before making investment decision?
  3. How do you conduct due diligence of the investments?
  4. Your investment approach suggests that you combine both top down and bottomup approach while making an investment decision. Do you perform sector rotation or sector timing based on macro view?

Peer review – Shivani Kadam

Date – 11th May 2020


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