IIFL Asset Management

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset ClassLicense
Venture FundSeed StageSEBI AIF Cat 1
Private Equity FundEarly StageSEBI AIF Cat 2

About the AMC

  • IIFL Asset Management pioneered the Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) in India. Each of their alternative funds reaches beyond the mainstream investment universe and taps into unique opportunities regardless of boundaries. Their Seed Venture Fund is a one-of-a-kind fund-of-fund which provides access to top fund managers in private equity.
  • Key staff – Vikrant Sibal, Amit Mehta, Purvi Parkeria

Key staff

  • Vikrant Sibal – He has over 14 years of investing experience in India. Vikrant joined IIFL AMC in 2016 and has been a key member of Private Equity team. In his investing career Vikrant has invested & managed companies across Consumer Discretionary, FMCG, Financial Services & Infrastructure sectors. His previous assignments include stints across ICICI Venture, Springboard Ventures (BCCL’s investment arm) and HDFC Securities. Vikrant is a CS and holds MBA degree from University of Mumbai.
  • Amit Mehta – Principal | Fund Manager – Private Equity, IIFL AMC, has over 12 years of investing experience in India. Amit joined IIFL AMC in 2016 and has been a key member of the Private Equity team. In his career he has worked on various sectors such as Financial Service, Consumer & Healthcare. His previous assignment includes stints at marquee Private Equity funds such as MayField Fund and Motilal Oswal Private Equity. He has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad and B.Tech from LIT, Nagpur.
  • Purvi Parkeria –  Principal | Fund Manager – Private Equity, has over 15 years of investing experience. Purvi joined IIFL AMC in 2013 and has been a key member in setting up IIFL Seed Ventures Fund and is a key member of the private equity investments team. In her career, Purvi has worked across product classes and spearheaded product initiatives across equity, debt and alternate assets. Purvi is an alumni of NMIMS and has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Mumbai. Prior to joining IIFL, Purvi has worked with prestigious organizations like McKinsey, Kotak Group and Morgan Stanley.

Investment Philosophy (for firm)

Driving every investment action at IIFL Asset Management are the fundamental ‘V-A-L-U-E’ principles that form the core of our philosophy:

  • Value creation by capital preservation blended with opportunistic growth – As a priority, we focus on preservation of capital. We blend it with value creation through opportunities with extraordinary intrinsic value, reasonable valuations and disproportionate risk-reward characteristics.
  • Active management with a long-term focus – An active management approach and long-term view are the key to our performance. In keeping with this view, we manage assets in line with an optimum risk and return spectrum.
  • Local expertise and rigorous research – We leverage our in-depth local expertise and research-led ability to navigate volatile markets. We adopt a consistent investment management process and robust risk control mechanisms.
  • Unafraid to be unconventional – We are unconventional and contrarian. We are not afraid to swim against the tide as long as we see value.
  • Ethical and responsible investment – For us at IIFL Asset Management, Trust and Ethics are of utmost importance. We integrate environmental, social and governance factors into our investment management process.


Title: Where we were and where we are headed, Source: PMS Bazaar, Date: 1 November 2019


They were talking about the risk in the funds which has been highest till date in the pre IPO opportunities in terms of IPO’s getting delayed

Title: IIFL India PE Fund acquires majority stake in Infigo Lifesciences, Source: IIFL Press Releases, Date: 24 June 2019


IIFL Asset Management Limited (IIFL AMC) announced that it has acquired a majority stake in Infigo Life Sciences through IIFL India Private Equity Fund. Infigo Lifesciences has launched  a chain of comprehensive specialty eye care centers, initially in Western India.

IIFL India PE Fund was looking forward to invest up to INR 70 crores in multiple tranches to pre-defined business milestones for setting up over 20 centres.

Analyst questions

  • How is your venture capital seed fund different from private equity and pre – IPO funds?
  • Active management with long term focus,is that justifiable by the fees you charge?
  • Do you follow the same investment philosophy across all the AIF category funds?
  • What is the corpus of a venture capital fund? What is the size of AUM?

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