Hem Securities


Hem Securities Limited is a Public incorporated on 14 July 1995. Company draws inspiration from faith and confidence that our clients have in our commitment and performance, this inspiration is what drives each and every one of us at HEM to continuously excel. 

SEBI registration no. INZOOO168034 

Key staff

Founder- Hem chand jain, Gaurav Jain, Prateek Jain, Indu Jain 

Fund Manager- Aastha Jain

Head- Mohit Nigam 

Portfolio Strategy 

Hem Securities- Dream Strategy 

Dynamic Research & Emerging Asset Management Strategy.

Type of fund- Multi cap 

No. of stock- 25 

Market allocations- Diversified with maximum allocation to a single sector being not more than 25%

Horizon- Long term

Benchmark- NIFTY 50 And NIFTY 500

Investment amount- 50 lakhs and above 

Investment philosophy 

  • Balance between greed and gain

  • Wealth Creation

  • Long Term Horizon

  • Fundamentally Strong Scripts

  • Focus on Attractively Valued Stocks

Investment style 

Focused Portfolio of ~25 scripts

Maximum Sector Allocation- 25%

Maximum Stock Weight- 10%

Risk Monitoring Process

Buy & Hold Strategy 

Investment process

Step 1- Stock Universe of 3000+ Companies

Step 2 – Market Capitalization & Sectorial Classification 

Step 3- Market and Financial attractiveness 

Step 4- Renowned Management and sound track record

Step 5- Moat Analysis 

Step 6- Valuation, Entry & Exit Levels 

Step 7- Hem PMS Dream Portfolio 

Strategy Returns

The returns are based on CAGR. 

1 MONTH2.79%
3 MONTHS 10.14%
6 MONTHS 29.52%
1 YEAR76.72%

Analyst questions 

  1. What is the aum of the company?
  2. What are the management and exit charges with respect to PMS?
  3. What are the holdings of the company?
  4. What are the quantitative models used by the company  to evaluate portfolios?
  5. What are the company’s plans on growing PMS strategy?
  6. What are their commitments towards clients?
  7. Why do they have NIFTY 50 and NIFTY 500 as their benchmarks?
  8. How is their liquidity requirement fulfilled?
  9. Why doesn’t the company have a disclosure document?
  10. Why are returns not compared with benchmarks?
  11. How do you choose a portfolio for your client?

By- Trusha Mewada

Peer review. – kavin sadvilkar

  1. The AUM as per PMS bazar is 14.79.


  1. Why is the maximum sector allocation 25%?
  2. Can you elaborate the term MOAT analysis mentioned in the investment process?
  3. What is the ideal and minimum investment horizon?

2. As I  was going through the company and the portfolio it hasn’t been clear and I was unable to find a few things but according to the information I gathered I believe that they believe in diversified allocation. It is a multi cap strategy and they invest in all kinds of sectors and segments. 

3. An economic moat is a distinct advantage a company has over its competitors which allows it to protect its market share and profitability. 

4. According to me the minimum horizon should be 2-5 years. Long term investment can generate higher returns. 

Prepared by Trusha Mewada


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