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Envision Capital is an investment management institution formed in 2009 by Nilesh Shah and regulated by SEBI offering portfolio management services & portfolio advisory services to select institutions, family offices and private clients. 

SEBI registered Portfolio Manager (Registration number – INP000003575)

Key staff

Nilesh Shah – Founder

Nilesh is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Envision Capital and the Portfolio Manager. He has over 25 years of experience in corporate finance and asset management. Prior to Envision, Nilesh was President of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management and worked there for a total of 13 years. He is a CFA from The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India (ICFAI) and a post graduate in management from IRMA.

Funds managed

Fund NameAsset Class License
Envision India Value PortfolioMulticapPMS

Investment philosophy (for firm)

Identifying companies which create a value for investors in the long run is the key. They use a bottom-up strategy while identifying and selecting individual investments. Some important features from this method of analysis includes:

  1. Focus on fundamentals
  2. Quest for value
  3. Long term orientation

Key aspects of their investment philosophy: 

Fundamental Approach –  Bottom up approach driven by proprietary fundamental research process. 

Value Discipline – Focus on identifying value stocks and not on market direction. The primary belief being that value lies in the business, balance sheet and management. 

Long term horizon – Buy and hold strategy. Investments are monitored closely and exits take place when value is realized. 

Concentration – Investing in only a few companies the business of which are known and understood well. 

Investment Process

  • Proprietary model of selecting our investing universe.
  • Bottom up approach in stock selection.
  • Analyzing stocks based on business fundamentals, prospects and management quality.
  • Closely monitor all our investee companies.

Investment Style

  • High conviction ideas –emerging, growth oriented and capital efficient businesses.
  • “Sector agnostic”
  • 5+ year investment horizon


Talking points with Envision Capital’s Nilesh Shah, December 2, 2020

Analyst questions 

  1. How do you go about selecting a stock from a sector using bottom-up analysis? Could you put 100% in one sector? What are the key ratios that you look at while comparing firms within a sector? 
  2. What are your total assets under management? What is the composition of your portfolio in terms of large cap, small cap and mid cap? 
  3. What is the nature of your exposure to active risk? What are your rationales for assuming them ? 
  4. How do you go about evaluating the management of a company? Is it a qualitative or a quantitative approach? 
  5. Over what period do you allow yourself to be wrong? 
  6. Are you stock selection criteria different for different sectors? How do you evaluate the target price for a bank vs FMCG? Are there multiple criterias? 

Prepared by – Chaitanya

Date – 6th April 2021

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