Entrust Family Office


Established in 2013, the firm helps in providing advice on both investment and non investment activities. Entrust has offices in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai.

Key staff

  • Rajmohan Krishnan- Principal founder & managing director – he has a good knowledge about financial services industry and a great advisory experience.
  • Shashank Khade- Co-founder & director – he is an equity specialist and earlier before 2013 was the senior vice president at Kotak mutual funds.
  • Sreepriya N S- Co-founder & director – specialized in retail, corporate and private banking


Investment services: helping people by advising them on long and short term investments. To help families protect their wealth over time.

Non investment services: such as business advisory services, real estate services, social investment, customized value added services.

Investment philosophy

The overall firm philosophy is –

The major philosophy lies in ‘Wise Wealth’.
They aim at building trust with their clients.
Well planned system makes it different from others.
They make wise decisions on behalf of their clients that best suits their needs.

The investment philosophy was not available on the website but was sent to MMI on request –

Source – Entrust Family Office


MMI, May 2021

Summary and key take-aways by analyst

  • How can family offices help Indian startups to grow? : Your story , 12 April, 2021


This explains how family offices are playing an important role in helping to build startups. Startups are something that are gaining wide importance these days.

  • How a trust fund can work wonders For HNI families with special needs children:  Family Office Magazine, 2nd April, 2021


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  • Family office special : IVM Podcast, 15 February, 2021 


This podcast is about a conversation with Rajmohan Krishnan, Principal founder and managing director who explains the journey and how they worked on meeting the demands of their clients.

Analyst questions

  • How do you determine family requirements when making decisions?
  • How do you understand the portfolio portfolio?

Prepared by – Isha Jhamb, May 2021



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