Bay Capital Investment Managers

Fund nameAsset class- categoryLicense
Bay Capital Investment TrustEquity- long onlyAIF Cat-iii(N/AIF3/14-15/0132)


Bay Capital partners is a leading independent, India focused investment manager established in 2006. We invest the way we want our capital to be managed – with the utmost care. Hence, we are shareholders alongside our investors. The overarching philosophy is to protect capital and always keep our investors’ interests ahead of our own. Patient investing with a focused approach is the AMCs standard principle. 

Key staff

Siddharth (Sid) is the Founder and CIO of Bay Capital. He has a career spanning over 19 years, of which he has spent 16 years investing in India. Prior to founding Bay capital in 2006, Sid held various positions at Kotak Mahindra group and was instrumental in building its international asset management business. Sid holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Finance from King’s college, University of London.

Nikunj is a managing partner at Bay Capital. He has over 28 years of professional experience in Fund Management and Equity Research. Over the years he has developed an in-depth understanding of Indian Economy and Businesses. Prior to Bay Capital, Nikunj was with the Portfolio Management / Asset Management division of the Kotak Mahindra Group for over 5 years where he held positions of Portfolio Analyst, Portfolio Advisor and Fund Manager for various concentrated / diversified funds with AUM of over USD 500mn. Prior to Kotak Mahindra, he was head of research at Refco-Sify Securities & Ventura securities.

Ravi is a Partner & Head of Research at Bay Capital. Ravi has over 8 years of professional experience in strategy & decision consulting, investment analysis, mergers and acquisitions. Prior to Bay Capital, Ravi was an Engagement Manager with Singapore based strategy consulting firm SLC where he led several engagements with clients across India, Asia-Pacific and US. Prior to SLC, he was part of the Mergers & Acquisitions team of Siva Group in India.

Ravi is an Electronics & Communication Engineer from NIT, Nagpur and PGDM from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM A). He is a CFA

Investment philosophy 

They appraise a business from an owner’s mindset and prefer businesses who think in decades, not quarters. Believing in long is their objective behind its investments. They seek to engage with managements of their portfolio companies by highlighting areas of concern and providing differentiated insights. This constructive approach helps build strong relationships with their businesses investments.

They look for companies with sustainable high Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) and impeccable corporate governance standards and sponsor history, available at reasonable prices.  Long only public equities, concentrated portfolio (15-20 businesses). Their focus on 20% of the market allows them to avoid noise from 80% of the market.

Unleashing the power of compounding through long term holding and low turnover (5-20%). This has positive implications for expense ratio (lower market impact/commissions) and for long term taxable investors.



Analyst questions

Prepared by- Sarath Chandra, oct 21



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