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  • Amit is a Chartered Accountant from India and worked for Citibank, PwC, Grant Thornton and KPMG in India and USA. He has also done an executive PE & VC studies from Harvard University and extended learning in Entrepreneurship from Stanford University.
  • Founded in 2016, San Jose and Mumbai-based Z Nation Lab provides tech entrepreneurs and startups an ecosystem that can help accelerate their growth. The early-stage accelerator brings together capital, technical expertise, networking, and investors together to create an environment where innovation can thrive.


Title: Interview of the week- Shashank Randev, director, z nation lab pre-accelerator program, Source: analyticsindiamag, Date: 19 December 2016

With a focus on India-US corridor, Z Nation Lab Accelerator program made it to the recent list of leading accelerator from India supporting the start-ups in the space of analytics. And right so! It enables the start-ups to scale up globally and take their ideas to the next level. Z Nations not only invests seed capital but provides strategic and technological support to these start-ups to help them accelerate in the right direction.

Co-founded by Anup Mehta and Neha Jain, this accelerator program is specially curated for Indian startups aiming to make a global footprint. Anup is a serial entrepreneur with 10+ years of experience in managing successful businesses in real estate, healthcare and finance while with an experience of 8+ years in start-up ecosystem, Neha Jain is a member of 20 plus start-ups groups and regular speaker at various startup events.

Analytics India Magazine interacted with Shashank Randev, Director at Z Nation Labs Accelerator, who comes with 11 years of cross functional experience and brings both entrepreneurial and investing perspectives. In this conversation, he brings out the facts on kind of support/facilities Z Nation Accelerator Program brings, start-ups it supports, challenges in the analytics start-up space and much more.

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