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In 2012, SageOne Investment Managers LLP (Previously known as SageOne Investment Advisors LLP) was co-founded by Mr. Samit Vartak, with a motivation to share his skills of identifying great businesses with investors at large. They offer investment management services through Portfolio Management Services (PMS) and Category III Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) structures.

Sage meaning Wise and Virtuous is the core principle of their organisation.

They focus on leading businesses that have potential to grow earnings above 20%+ CAGR which is available at cheap or fair valuation.

They look for businesses with long term competitive advantage, in a stable industry, that has a huge and growing market for its products/services. If a business is inferior,then the price of stock does not matter and it would not interest us. Their ability to understand businesses, through ground work and a talented team to do it is what enabled them to deliver the best.

The total AUM (in cr.): 525 cr.

Investment tenure: Minimum 3 year.  

Exit Load (within 12 months) : 0.80% – 1.09% of Withdrawal Value

Key staff

Samit Vartak, CFA  (Founder and Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Samit Vartak is the Founding Partner and Chief Investment Officer of SageOne Investment Managers LLP. Samit has been investing in the equities markets since 1999 and has experienced and studied many bull and bear cycles over the last two decades. He has worked closely with various company managements in the US and India advising them on business strategy, profit optimization, growth and valuation. This experience forms the backbone that helps him better understand businesses and their fair value. He has been early in identifying and investing in multiple businesses across industries before they catch market attention. 

Samit is a CFA® charter holder, an MBA from Olin School of Business of the Washington University in St. Louis and holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honors from Sardar Patel College of Engineering (SPCE), Mumbai University.

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset class/ Market cap allocationLicense
SageOne Diversified PortfolioSmall and Mid-CapPMS
SageOne Core PortfolioSmall and Mid-CapPMS
SageOne Small/Micro Cap PortfolioSmall-CapPMS

SageOne Diversified Portfolio

High growth, Sustainable businesses with strong competent management.

Inception date: Jan 2017

Number of stocks: 22

Investment Objective: Outperform the benchmark indices by at least 5% (annualized) over an economic cycle.

Portfolio Strategy: High earnings structural growth with attractive valuation.

The approach adopted here is of creating a portfolio which has high earnings structural growth with attractive valuation. Laying out the investment objective, it is to outperform the benchmark indices by at least 5% (annualized) over an economic cycle.

SageOne Core Portfolio

High growth, Sustainable businesses with strong competent management.

Inception date: April 2009

Number of stocks: 15

Market Cap focus: INR 3,000-30,000 cr.

Minimum contribution: INR 2 cr.

Intention of this strategy best laid out is, to outperform the benchmark indices by at least 5% (annualized) over an economic cycle. For the philosophy adaptation, niche business leaders are chosen, the ones who expect a rise of 20% (CAGR) in earnings.

The companies chosen are also weighed on the basis of market share gain from competition, and the ones which perform well during stressed environments as compared to their counterparts



.SageOne Small and Micro Cap Portfolio

High growth, Sustainable businesses with strong competent management. Market Cap focus of INR 500- 5000 cr.

Inception date: April 2019

Number of stocks: 15

Minimum contribution: INR 2 cr.

The approach is to find the companies which have a competitive advantage even in environments which are not favourable for them. The investment period is of 3-5 years with an expectancy of attaining outperformance of benchmark indices by at least 5% (annualized) over an economic cycle.


Prepaid Commission (Yearly)
Investment – 25L – 50L1.25% of Investment
Investment – 50L – 1 Cr.1.15% of Investment
Investment – 1 Cr. – 5 Cr.1.05% of Investment
Investment – 5 Cr. Plus0.95% of Investment

Investment philosophy

High growth business:

They look for businesses that gain market share which contributes a significant portion of their earnings growth.

The business should have long-term growth potential of above 20% per year and it should not require too much additional dilution (other than for financial companies) of equity to achieve such growth.

Clean and Competent Management:

The most important factor in India is to stay away from managements that are here to steal from investors; and believe us we know of many.

Here they maintain “zero” tolerance policy and we prefer letting go of a good opportunity even if we have some doubts about the management’s integrity.

Sustainable competitive advantage:

They look for businesses with long-term competitive advantage validated by their market leadership, in attractive industries from the point of view of long term value creation.

Return on capital (ROCE) is a very good indicator of the quality of the management team and the competitive advantage of a business. Typically we look for sustainable ROCE and ROE of at least 20% that has been achieved without too much leverage (debt).

Investment Plans:

Investment Plans
Bronze25L – 50L
Silver50L – 1 Cr.
Gold1 Cr. – 5 Cr.
Platinum5 Cr. Plus

Analyst questions

Yet to do

Prepared by – Shwetha Upadhyay


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