Right Horizons


The Right Horizons Portfolio Management Services was started by Anil Francis Rego and Rachna Rego in the year 2003 and they registered the firm as a private organization.

SEBI PMS Registration No: INP000004359

Key staff

Anil Rego (Fund Manager) – Anil Rego is the notable personality who founded Right Horizons and is presently serving as the CEO. His educational profile includes MBA and CFA degree, and he has a vision of Contrarian approach of wealth management

Piyush Sharma (Fund Manager) – The funds of the investors are managed by the Right Horizons PMS Fund Manager who is Piyush Sharma. He is an MBA by qualification and has more than twenty years of experience in this industry. Piyush has been managing the wealth of the clients and generating a good amount of returns for the past many years and the track record he has created is unbeatable and very stable.

Funds managed

India Business Leader

The India Business Leader scheme advises investing in a subset of high-quality growth companies picked from diverse sectors. This scheme uses the Low Churn Buy and Hold strategy which focusses on Quality Companies having Competitive Advantage, available at Reasonable Valuation with solid Corporate Governance practices. It uses selective Hedging strategies for Capital Preservation


This portfolio is a mix of both equity and debt securities. It typically targets Flexicap names in equity space and focuses on identifying investment grade bonds and fixed income securities so that the investor could get the best of both worlds – Equity and Debt.

Super Value Mid & Small CAP

This portfolio has 70% allocation to large caps and balance 30% in small cap and mid cap companies. Based on the past performance, this fund has given impressive returns and always beaten the benchmark.

Minerva India Underserved 

Minerva India Underserved strategy largely focuses on businesses within under-penetrated categories that have much longer runways of growth.  The core of the strategy is to capture value dislocations using a very forensic on the ground approach to picking stocks.  Over the past 8 years, this strategy has flipped the common narrative around Indian small caps – Not only has the strategy handily outpaced broader markets since its inception, but it has also delivered this performance with sub-market volatility and without performance being skewed by 1 or 2 ‘stellar’ years for the asset class.

Minerva India Undervalued

their India undervalued strategy is typically a collection of our 10 to 20 best value ideas, all of which coherently fit within our value, forensic and fundamental framework. Similar to India Underserved, India Undervalued is offered in an unconstrained form, I.e. no floor or cap on net exposure. India undervalued is targeted at investors that seek to capitalise on value dislocations through identifiable catalysts entities


The Flexicap portfolio maintains a healthy mixture of large cap, mid-cap and small-cap schemes. It also takes positions in bonds/ gold to de-risk and enhance return profile. The strategy endeavours to capitalise the growth in both large and mid-cap space.

Investment philosophy

No data is available for this pms on their website or other platform

Analyst questions

  1.  Why are the insights such as investment management fees, benchmark and minimum investment for the funds managed missing on your website?
  2. How much cash do you hold in your portfolio for liquidity purposes?
  3. Can you please give a brief of the investment philosophy?

Prepared by – Nikunj Agarwal

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