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Lakewaters PMSEquityPMS

Lakewaters PMS:

Number of stocks – 15-25

Portfolio Strategy:

  • Invest in sectors that have long term growth opportunities. Innovation is key to growth. A company needs to innovate. To innovate it should be supported by strong Research and Development investment. Innovation should not be limited to products and processes but it should be key ingredient of the very culture of the company.
  • Avoids investing in highly regulated sectors, sectors linked significantly to commodity prices, ‘fad’ driven sectors and sectors exposed to technological disruption.
  • Also, avoid sectors that over a long period only generate accounting profits and not cash flows.

About the AMC

  • Incorporated on 18th January 2019.
  • Lakewater Advisors is an equity research and Portfolio Management which is regulated by the SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).
  • Your hard-earned savings are invested in valued Indian equity which has strong corporate governance and innovation.
  • Their specialization lies in growing your wealth with the assurance of capital protection amidst the ever-changing unpredictable market and economic landscapes.
  • India’s consistently growing GDP, along with aggressive reforms and a pivotal political leadership is making the country’s position stronger in the global market. They have a team which works diligently to enhance the value of investment. Believe in making strategies which are based on in-depth equity research. The  team never compromises on quality.

Key staff

  • Pankaj Singhania (Founder)

Chartered Accountant, Cost Accountant and a Former Civil Servant. His vast experience in Capital & Financial Markets makes him see companies through a very close lens of statutory legislations and corporate governance norms. He has an intricate experience of policy making, and how policy changes impact corporates at a much deeper and latent level. His confluence of macro and micro vision, rich experience of more than 25 years and close encounters with corporate who’s who, has crystallized in the form of seasoned investment insights & strategies which surpass the market dynamics to an entirely different level.

“For us stock market is simply a platform where you can buy a piece of valuable businesses. Understanding business is more important to us than technical analysis and market algorithms. We focus more on people’s economic behaviour, changing social norms, their preferences than studying complex economic charts. We Focus on Basics.”

  • Archana Singhania (Co – founder)

Bachelor of Science in Information technology, Certified Advisor from National Institute of Securities Management. An expert in digital strategy and enhanced customer experience, she has a keen insight of the Indian capital markets with over 15 years of Investment experience. Her expertise in technical analysis, financial research and market forecasting have made her a reliable name in Investment banking space.

 “Listen Well. Be Real.”

For NRI’s

Why invest in India?

Because of 3D’s – Democracy, Demographic Dividend and Demand”

  • Democracy –  World’s largest democracy with independent institutional framework. Last election was won by majority, by a ruling party shows fiscally responsible regime at the helm – depicts investment stability.
  • Demographic Dividend – Youth energy and highest contributors in global workforce. It is youngest economy with nearly 2/3rd of population under 35 years of age.
  • Demand –  World’s fastest growing economy, surpassing China, in the period 2014-2019. Consistently clocked nominal GDP growth rate of 13% over 20 years (till 2018)

Investment Philosophy (for firm)

Lakewater’s investment philosophy is standing firmly on a hexagonal structure with pillars namely-

  • Asset Light
  • Corporate Governance
  • Debt free
  • Innovation
  • Patience
  • Research & Development

‘Right from the moment of investing in a new stock, we start taking decisions which are guided by the above-mentioned philosophies. Our approach is broad and we like to believe that we are not just buying the stock; we are buying a part of the business.

This helps to keep us grounded yet allowing us to expand our range. We have a rational approach towards the fluctuations of the stock price as long as we believe in the business. The volatile nature of the market is considered to be a ‘dear friend’ by our experts. It helps us to buy securities at a discounted price. It also gives opportunity to sell securities at a premium which adds intrinsic value.’

Our core values are a perfect example of who we are. They are as follows:

C stands for Corporate Spiritual Responsibility.

O stands for optimism.

T stands for a better tomorrow.

E stands for Ethics in the work process.

We pick valuable businesses for you, from the stock market and study it in and out. We have an academic approach here as we believe in understanding the nature of the business. We do not believe in drowning you or ourselves in complicated technical analysis or tough market algorithms. Our focus, thus, lies on

  • Economic behaviour of the people.
  • Dynamic social norms.
  • Choices & preferences of people.

We stick to the basics. We believe that ‘smartness lies in simplicity’


Title: “Perspective of the Portfolio Managers & strategies on COVID-19”, Source: PMS Bazaar, Date: 23 April 2020

Temporary disruption to the assets have been done, due to which profitability has been affected. Companies with strong fundamentals and whose long term profitability has not been affected, because things will turn normal eventually, can buy those stocks at discount, this can be an opportunity to take, but thinks its the right time to churn.

Analyst questions

  • What are the assets under management?
  • What is the inspiration of your investment philosophy?
  • What do you mean by Corporate Spiritual Responsibility?
  • In the performance sheet for the year 2019, you have compared yourself with the top PMS’s in the industry, what makes you different from them given they have completed a reasonable count of years succesfully.
  • Given ‘very focused on equities’, what are all strategies you consider while investing?
  • Equities provide returns but at the same time risky as well, how do you measure risk?
  • Being very new in the industry, and then the country getting suddenly hit by the pandemic, what kind of challenges did you face? How are you thinking to cope, as your plans have turned upside down?

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