Kelly Gamma

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset ClassLicense
Kelly GammaMulti-strategy FundSEBI AIF Cat 3

Investment goals of the fund:

  • To provide investors with long term capital appreciation with a sustainable outperformance over a predetermined benchmark.
  • Offer investors, under one umbrella, an opportunity to invest across asset classes, both listed and private and achieve a clear advantage and efficiency of returns by optimal balance of portfolio allocation across these classes.

We will make direct investments in the listed securities in the Indian equities, derivatives and debt markets. The fund may also invest in privately held unlisted companies and over the counter (OTC) derivatives and options.

The fund will also invest in early-stage and seed-stage opportunities in the emerging sectors to seek attractive returns for the investors from the tremendous growth in successful entrepreneurial activities and innovations in India. These investments will be made in early stage businesses with high potential for growth and profitability with successful management teams, where such companies offer attractive exit opportunities as they become successful. The investment focus will be on emerging sectors which have solutions for large enterprises for increased productivity, potential to serve large populations and/or with disruptive innovations with deployable scalability for mass market consumption.

About the AMC

  • When it was started and by whom
  • Key staff

 Sharvil Parikh

 Sharvil has a unique blend of expertise in Portfolio management and investment analysis and has hands-on experience in technology business management and its full life cycle as an entrepreneur. For the last ten years he has been actively managing investments in various capacities. His primary investment interests include capital allocation using various portfolio models and strategies, identifying underpriced opportunities, and applying a right mix of technical criteria on fundamentally sound businesses and sectors. Evaluating start-up companies where conventional revenue and profit data is not available are of special interest to him. His educational background in operations research and decision making theory uniquely qualify him to evaluate investment opportunities in addition to active participation in the markets.

Before fully transitioning his focus to the world of Investing, Sharvil has successfully founded and managed an ERP and software services business in Silicon Valley, CA for twelve years. He worked as an ERP and Business Software and Systems Development professional as an individual contributor as well as in Senior Management positions for six years prior to that and has successfully led and managed projects working for Fortune 500 corporations.

Sharvil has a Master’s Degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from University of California, Berkeley, USA and a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, India.

Neha Sheth

Neha Sheth is the current President of the Ahmedabad chapter, TiE (The Indus Entrepreneur). TiE was started in the Silicon Valley and is a globally renowned organization for its efforts to develop entrepreneurship worldwide. Neha’s strength lies in her expertise in identifying and evaluating innovations and determining its viability and revenue and profit potential in the Indian economy.

Neha Sheth is CEO at Musikaar and has more than 18 years of experience in all aspects of Software Development. She has worked for over a decade in the Silicon Valley in start-ups and large companies such as BMC Software, gForce and McAfee. She successfully delivered high quality products by building superb Engineering teams, working very closely with Product Management and managing all phases of planning and execution for product development.

Neha has a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University, CA, USA and a Bachelor of Engineering in Instrumentation and Controls Engineering from L.D. College of Engineering, Ahmedabad, India.

Investment Philosophy (for firm)

Our investment approach is simple: Regardless of our view of the economy, business prospects and the markets in general, we will devise a defensive strategy that fits our view of the opportunity at the time and execute that plan aggressively based on predetermined profit and maximum loss targets. We will manage and monitor our profit targets regularly for every single investment and calibrate them based on the updated view. This approach is the highest level guiding principle for all our investments in any asset class.

Our Managers do not believe in being married to pre-conceived notions of a specific style of investing e.g. value investing or growth investing. Neither are we stuck on using just the fundamental or technical tools. Rather we will use all the information available for an investment candidate which helps us convince ourselves about the future returns of our allocation of capital. Having said that, we give qualitative business characteristics of a business significant importance in our selection process, in addition to quantitative factors and don’t use any one magical formula for all our investing.


PurpleDocs raises funds, 21st Sept. 2016

PurpleDocs, and healthcare records management startup from Vadodara, with more than 60 hospitals as customers across Gujarat, has raised investment from KellyGamma, Lead Angels and few other HNIs from the healthcare world.

Analyst questions

  1. Since you are a multi-strategy fund, what is your asset allocation policy?
  2. When you say qualitative factors of a business are significant, what qualities are you specifically looking for in a company?

Prepared by – Rashika Bhatia

Date- 8th May 2020

Peer reviewed by – Taniya Nagpal

Date- 8th May 



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