Invesco India Multi Cap Fund Growth


Performance Analysis

The growth chart shows how 10,000 invested in the fund would grow over a period of time. By seeing the chart we can say that the fund has performed exceptionally well and it kept on improving over time.

The risk return chart shows that the risk taken by the fund is -0.507% and the return generated is -2.77%. So the fund took slightly extra risk than most other funds to generate similar return.

The rolling return chart shows that the fund lies between upper quartile and lower quartile and has stayed very close to the median most of the time.

The snail trail chart shows that the fund took less risk at times to generate decent returns and negative relative return and also took excess risk to generate negative relative return.

The tracking error chart shows that the fund has been able to maintain distance from the benchmark everytime and it is highest in July 2020.

The chart shows that the fund generated decent IR at the start but fell and deteriorated over time and reached its lowest in Mar 2021 and again recovered and rebound but was not able to generate positive IR.

Portfolio Analysis

The chart shows that the fund belongs to the large cap growth category. The range of the fund is broader than the category average.

Growth – The fund has tilted towards growth compared to value.

Yield – The fund is low yield generating.

Momentum – The fund has a high momentum factor.

Quality – The fund has tilted slightly towards high quality and slightly better than the category average.

Volatility – The fund has lower volatility.

Liquidity – The fund has lower liquidity.

Size – The fund is close to mid size and is sized lesser than the category average. 


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