ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund Growth


Performance Analysis

The Rolling Return Chart shows a motionless performance. 

The fund has been hovering around the top quartile and the median range; which is a range of -2% – 0% excess return approx.

The snail trail chart is not great, but is in harmless section of the chart.

The fund has almost always been in the negative excess return with negative risk.

Though negative excess return is not a great result for a MF, but at least the fund has not taken any risk for it.  

The Information Ratio has been in the negative section for most of the period before jumping into the positive section in July 2021; this is also the time that the fund provided some excess in comparison to its benchmark.

Alpha/TE against benchmarkPerformance against peers
3-yr rolling excess returns and TE against benchmark have been stagnant overall; we may be able to conclude that the fund was an indexed hugged looking at the performance. Certainly not the best fund in its category; but it has been the top 50% in its category.All in all, there are other funds providing greater excess return with lesser risk.

Portfolio Analysis


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