HDFC Flexi Cap Fund Growth 

ISIN —- INF179K01608 

Performance Analysis

The fund is very volatile and is generating minimal alpha. The fund recently from Feb 2022, recovered and currently, the blue line is above the maximum of other funds generating an excess return of 3-4%.  

HDFC has recently generated positive alpha but high volatility; it was in the negative alpha quadrant but has managed to grace back its position in the positive region. 

Both tracking error and information ratio are on the rise.

The ownership zone is much smaller and the centroid is placed in the “large balanced” sector but it also has investments in large valued and growth sectors .whereas comparatively other flexi-cap funds limit themselves in large balanced growth-oriented stocks.

Style – It is higher growth-oriented as the exposure is more than value exposure. But the exposure towards growth is much lower than others in the same category.

Yield – It is generating a higher yield as compared to the category average, as we can see the sudden correction in the momentum and thus is having a higher exposure.

Momentum – It has higher exposure to momentum which means it has performed well recently. It is also seen it has performed better than the category of funds in this factor.

Quality – It is very below the category average, thus meaning it is one of the worst firms.

Volatility – It is a low volatile fund as the exposure was lower and thus fluctuation and change of price will be much less.

Liquidity – It means if the exposure is high then it will have a higher share turnover but in this case the exposure is low, thus indicating lower exposure.

Size – This depicts the market capitalization of the fund. It’s exposure to large-size levels. Its fund size is the biggest  in size as compared to the category average.


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