Franklin Templeton (Cat3)

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset ClassLicense
Franklin India Long short equity AIFLong shortSEBI AIF Cat 3

About the AMC

  • Fund manager Fund Manager Name: Mr Naganath Sundaresan 

Fund Manager Experience: Total Exp – 30+ Years

Fund Manager Qualification: Naganath has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Madras University and a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad.

Investment philosophy

-reference (not available on the website)

  • Fundamental – Study of a company’s financial metrics; competitive positioning; growth prospects; quality of management; corporate governance; brand equity; pricing power; among others.
  • Technical – Study of price charts to discern likely near term and medium term price trends of a security/derivative based on various technical indicators and parameters.
  • Quantitative – Study of data relating to companies, sectors and the economy to try and determine volatilities of, and correlations between, various factors that are likely to affect the risk and return of a security/derivative


Topic/TitleFranklin- Templeton AIF on Rally in Market Media platform name- CNBC- TV18 Date-aug22, 2018

(Covered short term macro economic view )

Analyst questions

  1. Discuss with us the strategy which you are using to manage the AIF cat3 fund? How is it different from the other existing AIF cat3 strategy in India? What is the target that you are aiming to raise or achieve for this particular fund?
  2. Long short funds aims to reduce the volatility; can you explain how exactly it aims to reduce the downside risk? What matrix do you use to calculate risk?
  3. What is the return have you achieved so far using this strategy?
  4. How to you maintain operational due diligence while making allocation to the fund?

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