Cheekotel Venture Capital

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset ClassLicense
Cheekotel Venture CapitalSME/ Early StageSEBI AIF Cat 1
Cheekotel Development Catalyst
Seed and Early StageSEBI AIF Cat 1
Digital India FundPrivate EquitySEBI AIF Cat 1

About the AMC

  • Established in 2002, Cheekotel is India’s oldest and largest domestic, private, alternative asset management groups, with approximately $18 billion in funding commitments.

Key staff

Kajal Sarkar & Vikesh Hari Mehta (Founders)

Investment Philosophy

  • Target Market – Media & Entertainment, telecom, tradition, consumer, technology and energy.
  • The 3*3 Strategy – T:Technology should be proven and ready for commercialization. Fundamental research is not typically funded through innovative methods of re-use and redeployment are encouraged.

I: Indian aspects to the entity, in terms of sourcing (products or services), access to Indian SME capital markets, is considered desirable.

E: Entrepreneur should be an individual (in preference to teams), have a high “innovative quotient”, and significant financial stakes in the venture .

  • Target Companies –  innovative entrepreneurs from the alumni community of premium institutions pursuing ventures targeting the growing emerging Asian market, including China and India.
  • Value Creation – Cheekotel adds value to its portfolio companies in 7 different ways: Technology upgradation, Strategic Alliances, Strategic Direction, Product Development, Business Model Development, Brand Building and Capital Market Access.

Investment Philosophy (for Cheekotel Development Catalyst)

CDC is in the process of evolving the product offerings. Initially the institution will carry out a wide range of activities including the following:

  • Help social entrepreneurs develop their ideas and concepts into real products,
    services and applications.
  • Provide seed and idea stage venture capital.
  • Assist start-ups raise funds from other sources.
  • Provide managerial and technical assistance to start-ups to put in place good governance structures, and monitoring and evaluation frameworks to track performance and objectively measure impacts.

Analyst questions

  • 1.Why is your main focus on the startup ideas by alumnis of renowned institutions? While there can also be great ideas coming up from others.
  • You have 5 different funds, focusing on different themes, can you tell us about the corpus size they have?
  • What is the AUM for these funds and what percentage is generally deployed?
  • As mentioned in Cheekotel Catalyst Development fund, you help startups with the launching of IPO’s, what are the other exit strategies you consider?



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