Cervin Family Office


Cervin Family Office was founded by Munish Ramdev who is presently the founder & CEO of the company. The firm holds the RIA license from SEBI.

The team used to work together at Waterfield Advisers and hence, has experience advising over 70 family offices and UHNV individuals with over USD 3.5 billion in financial wealth.

Key staff

Munish Ramdev- Founder & CEO- 25 years of experience in investment management and family offices. He has advised over 600 families with over USD 3.2 bn in financial assets and he holds degree in post graduate in management and graduate in economics and finance.

Rohit Karkera – Director & Head (Investment) – has over 15 years of investment management experience. He is a Chartered Accountant by qualification.

Jigar Desai CFA – Associate Director Portfolios- he has over 12 years of experience in financial service industry- He is a Chartered holder from CFA , USA and holds a degree in MBA (finance) and bachelors in Engineering.

Yatender Singh Chauhan – Associate Director – Product and Credit strategy – has 14 years of financial service experience in investment research, risk management and product evaluation-done MBA(finance) and bachelors in Engineering.

Harminder Dhillo – Head of Operations at Cervin family office- he has over 17 years of experience in area of banking and financial industry. He holds a bachelors degree in Commerce from Mumbai University.

Investment philosophy

In an interview with MMI, Munish Ramdev founder & CEO of the Cervin Family Office explains the overall philosophy. He explained that they provide services that are non-conflicted, more advisory and do not have any distraction of any product sale. They structure their family office from scratch including initial planning, structuring, investment policy and risk management, construct a family wish chart.

In terms of investment philosophy, the firm uses a behavioural finance approach of ‘wealth pools’ –

A lot of focus is put on risk and risk management portfolios constructed around it.


Cervin FO provides the full range of family office services through internal expertise and external partnerships.


Money Management India, May 2021

Summary and key take-aways by analyst

Weekly roundup of people news, Asian Investor, June 5 2020


Munish Ramdev, Founder & CEO of Cervin Family Office discusses with Asian Investor about his firm and team which is set up in Mumbai and also about his past working experiences.

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Cervin’s team collectively advised 65 families offices with over USD 3.5billion in financial assets. He also told Citywire Asia “A pure non conflicted investment platform with deep expertise and experience is something prospective clients will appreciate. The proposition is still a rarity in India”

How the super rich invested during the Covid 19 pandemic, Mint, 29 June 2020


This article talks about the family offices in India and It also helps to understand the investing trends among ultra-high net worth individuals and families in India.

Managing the interests of wealthy families, The Hindu, 3 August 2020


Cervin Family Office offers advisory, family governance, strategy and planning financial services. Munish Randev, Founder & CEO of Cervin Family Office also discusses how family offices has been taking shape in India, its gaining and investment opportunities.

Analyst questions

How do you determine the risk profile of any business family?

What do you think how risk management contributes to an organization?

What type of portfolio construction methodology is used by your firm to help family businesses?

Prepared by- Preeti Mehta, May 2021



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