Axis Corporate Debt Fund – Direct Plan


Performance analysis

Rolling returns in quartiles

The 3 year excess rolling returns are negative across the corporate bond. The blue line is mostly in the 2nd/3rd quartile.

The fund is consistent over the years till May 2022. In June 2022, the fund grew to 0.5% and now is currently in the first quartile.

Rolling risk/return (Snail-trail) 

The standard deviation on the 3 year excess returns range between -1% to 3%. overall there is high volatility in the fund.

The snail trail chart shows that it started by giving positive returns with a very high risk of 5%. But now, the fund is giving positive returns of 1% and comparatively less risk of around 1%.

Tracking error

The tracking error ranges between 0 to 2

The TE in the start of May 2020 was at its peak with 4.3% TE and suddenly jumped down to 1.50% in the very next month. As of May 2023, the TE is at 0.3%.

Information ratio

The information ratio ranges between 0 to -3.5. The overall ratio has been mostly below 0.

The IR was at its peak in the month of April 2021 with around 1.4% and now the IR is at 0.4%.

Prepared by – Ganesh Hulke


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