WhiteSpace Alpha

Funds managed

Fund NameAsset ClassLicence
WhiteSpace Alpha FundEquity – Long onlyAIF 


Vision – To be a premier global destination for investors who wish to beat the market on a consistent basis.

Mission – Their purpose is to give their investors an additional return on their investment by harnessing the power of what they fear the most – volatility.


Key staff

Praveen Dwarakanath – Options Trading Strategies Expert – Experienced in formulating exposure model designs,co-relation models, and capital market listing; Sold his first research-based start-up for USD 4 Million after starting with USD 600, in three years time.; An Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science Engineering An MBA from IIM, Lucknow

Abhinav Singla – Derivatives Expert – Experienced in designing data-driven statistical models to analyze and predict performance of debt financing deals. Previously positioned as senior associate for financial analytics and derivatives at PWC, San Francisco and at an earlier point a senior manager at ICICI Bank , India, to structure FX derivatives. A Financial Engineering Masters graduate in from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. An MBA graduate from IIM Lucknow,. A CFA Charter holder.A certified FRM by GARP

Investment philosophy

To do later


To do later

Analyst questions

Prepared by – Khushi Shah, October 2021



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