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Tamohara Investment Managers is a SEBI registered portfolio management company (INP000004763) incorporated on 26th September, 2014. The investments are generally based in benchmark and cap agnostic equity and multi asset portfolios, providing fund management and advisory services. Tamohara’s investments are backed by heavy research which helps them in identifying good businesses that will give higher long-term returns.

Key staff

Co-founder: Mr. Sudhanshu Asthana, Mr. Deepak Singh Tanwar, Mr. Anurag Kheterpal

CIO & Portfolio Manager: Mr. Sheetal Malpani

Investment philosophy

The primary objective of Tamohara Investment Managers is to create and maximize its client’s wealth over a long period of time. The main focus is on compounding capital rather than on relative returns.

Investment approach:

Tamohara Investment managers usually follow a bottom-up approach of investing.

Investment process:

The main aim of Tamohara Investment manager’s investment process is to identify good businesses and invest for the long term with more focus on wealth creation. The major factors which the company considers before investing are: opportunities, competitive advantages, management quality, capital efficiency, and free cash flows.

Funds managed

Tamohara-TLESSmall and Mid-Cap

Tamohara- TLES:

Under this 80-90% of the portfolio is small-mid cap and 0-20% is long term cap.  The benchmark index in order to compare the performance is S&P BSE mid cap. 

Tamohara- SWAT:

The main goal of this strategy is to invest in companies which have strong growth prospects and highly competitive advantages. S&P BSE 200 is taken as the benchmark index for this strategy.

Tamohara- TIOS:

It is a multi-cap strategy with focus on large cap and large mid cap companies. The major investments under this strategy are in 15-18 well established businesses that have a good record and are leaders in their respective industries.

PMS returns and performance:

Return (CAGR)1M4.48%3.45%7.51%
InceptionMar, 2018Mar, 2016Oct, 2015

Fees & Charges

Commission of 1-1.7% is charged depending upon the investment amount.

Management FeesAs per commission model
Upfront Fees0.9% – 1.5% of Asset Value
Brokerage Charges0.008% – 0.028% of Total Transaction Value
Custodian Charges0.28% – 0.38% of Asset Value
Depository Charges0.18% – 0.28% of Asset Value
Exit Load – within 12 months1.1% – 2.1% of Withdrawal Value
Exit Load – post 12 monthsFree or 0.35% of Withdrawal Value

Analyst questions

  1. Elaborate on the investment process in detail.
  2. What is the exact division of commission rate on the basis of amount of  investment?

By: Rakshit Murjani



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