Sathguru Catalyser Advisors

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset ClassLicense
Innovation in Food and Agriculture Fund (IFA fund) VC/ Early Growth stageSEBI AIF Cat 1

About the AMC

  • Sathguru Catalyser Advisors Private Limited (SCA) is the Asset Management Company of Innovation in Food & Agriculture Fund (IFA Fund) that invests in Innovation driven growth enterprises in the Food & Agriculture sectors.
  • Arvind Modi is Principal – Investments at Sathguru Catalyser Advisors. He has over 12 years of experience in Venture Capital & Private Equity Investments. His area of expertise includes VC/PE investment management, capital structuring, valuations, consulting and has excellent business acumen with proven abilities in investment decisions.
  • Prior to Sathguru, he was Vice President at GVFL Limited, a pioneer of venture capital in India. He has undergone a complete VC lifecycle from investments to monitoring and exits.

Investment Philosophy (for firm)

We endeavor to invest in ventures driven by visionary promoters and competent management capable of addressing difficult and not marginally incremental problems in agriculture, food, animal health and environment. Given the vast and in depth experience and expertise of our management team, we seek opportunities where the potential to add value to the venture is high. Our typical investment preference has the following ingredients:

  • Technology Edge – Transformational technology developed in-house or accessed through licensing;
  • Tech Savvy Leadership – Ability to understand and tackle genuine risk related to technology, its scale up and regulations;
  • Long Term Orientation – Focus on durable markets for business, rather than short term bubbles. The companies invested by us would typically possess scalable innovative products/ solutions with a capability to reach wide markets and have the potential to become a leader in the target segments.

Investment Strategy

We aim to build a portfolio of companies which are at market entry, growth and mid expansion stage of their life cycle as defined here:

  • Market entry to early growth stage: Businesses where the product/service is launched and has quickly gained some significant market share with revenues flowing into the company. Here the company has successfully established a proper fit between its product/service and the need of the market. The business has an identified set of initial customers and is seeking funds to facilitate growth by creating customer demand and driving that demand into sales.
  • Early growth to Mid expansion stage: Businesses which are looking for investments for accommodating the period of growth into new markets and distribution channels by upgrading technologies and adapting better processes, there by heading towards dynamic revenue growth in varied locations.

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