Sanctum Wealth Management


Sanctum Wealth Management Pvt Ltd was founded in 2016 through a management buy-out of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s (RBS) Private Banking business in India.

Present ownership: privately held.

Current size statistics –

  • Total employees: >100 (2021) Link 
  • Relationship managers/ advisers: 40 (2019, Asian Private Banker)
  • Assets under management: USD1.3 billion (2019, Asian Private Banker)
  • What segment they serve – UHNI and HNI
  • What licenses do they have – Mutual Fund Distributor (MFD), Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), Portfolio Management Service (PMS), Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) for lending, Broker, Research Analyst etc, Corporate Distributor of Mutual Funds (ARN 105768), Registered Portfolio Manager with SEBI (SEBI Regd. INP000005067)

Key staff

Shiv Gupta, Founder and CEO – Shiv has 25+ years of experience and holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Hindu College, Delhi University. He also completed Harvard Business School’s General Management Program (GMP)  LinkedIn

Prateek Pant, Co-Founder, Head of Products and Solutions – Prateek has over 20 years of experience in Banking and Financial Services. He holds an MMS degree from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. He schooled in the University of Mumbai.  LinkedIn. [Update June 2021] Prateek has left the firm to join White Oak PMS.

Roopali Prabhu, Chief Investment Officer – Roopali has 17+ years of experience. LinkedIn


  • Investment advice and/or execution services: In-house execution and depository platform: for transacting and reporting.
  • Portfolio Management Services: offering a range of strategies to suit investor preferences
  • Sanctum operates a technology-based real estate platform, REAP (Real Estate Aggregation Platform) in conjunction with Props AMC (an Asset Management Company). It exists to enable clients to consolidate their real estate assets for reporting and advice.  
  • Wealth planning – estate/succession planning – Solutions differentiated to meet the requirements of wealthy families or entrepreneurs.
  • Lending- fund raising and structured financing through an in-house NFBC and outsourcing. 

Investment philosophy (for firm)

We did not find a stated investment philosophy for Sanctum Wealth Management. However in an interview with the MMI Team on 27th January 2021, Prateek Pant Co founder and Head of Products and Solutions speaks about the investment philosophy of his firm. He explains that Sanctum Wealth Management is flexible around passive and active strategies and has an open architecture offering to suit clients’ unique requirements.  


Sanctum Wealth Management’s Founder & CEO on Being Resolute and Sticking to Core Principles, Hubbis, 8th Feb 2021

Shiv Gupta shares his opinion about developments in the Indian wealth management industry. On business operations he indicates that wealth management firms handled the 2020 crises well by eliminating the non-essentials which led to productivity and efficiency gains. On the technology front he opines that digital operating architectures would be vital to client service in the future. In terms of regulation, he highlights the segregation of advisory and distribution services and an overall theme of greater accountability and increasing transparency for clients’ benefit. Overall these results in lower investment costs for clients and refined business models for wealth managers. Shiv maintains that remaining resolute to a singular vision despite the world’s vicissitudes and choosing to do the right thing in all situations are  the core beliefs at Sanctum. Shiv’s statement about staying the course through the ups and downs and never forgetting the fundamentals no matter the situation most likely sheds some light on the investment philosophy at Sanctum Wealth Management.  

MMI interview with Prateek Pant, Sanctum Wealth Management’s Co-founder, Head of Products and Solutions, MMI, 27th January 2021

Prateek speaks about Sanctum Wealth Management, its product platform, target market, specialized real estate service and third party products. He shares how comfortable clients have gotten with remote meetings as a result of the pandemic and an increasing recognition of strategic allocation models in practice. Prateek highlights his firm’s specialized real estate platform, REAP, which provides clients with a dashboard on their entire real estate portfolio. He shares that Sanctum’s overall investment philosophy is client centric and open to both active and passive strategies, as well as committed to offering both in-house and third-party products based on requirements.

The Indian wealth management industry is set to grow to USD5 trillion in the coming 5 years, says Sanctum Wealth’s Shiv Gupta, the firm’s Founder and CEO, Moneycontrol, 11th Aug 2020

Whilst sharing his expectations of growth for the Indian wealth management industry, Shiv Gupta indicates that firms need to maintain strong fundamentals, an agile and flexible stance with a commitment for accelerated learning to guarantee success. He outlines three key areas of strategic priority including: reconfiguration of business models for greater productivity and efficiency, a re-imagination of delivery and advice models with a greater emphasis on digital application and vigilance in managing client portfolios giving relatively higher levels of persisting volatility. 

Product innovation in Indian private wealth management, Hubbis, 10th July 2019

In speaking about product innovation in wealth management, Prateek Pant points to the alternative investments as being laden with the multitude of offerings. He indicates that expansion is also ongoing in Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) and long-short investment strategies. Speaking particularly about Sanctum’s product platform, Prateek indicates their positioning covers four areas:real estate, the private investment market, advisory around tax and estate planning. He shares that at Sanctum, clients defy the assumption of being satisfied with the Relationship Model as they register their interest in DIY initiatives. 

Analyst questions

  1. Have you noticed any reception differences to your products and services across your client segments?
  2. Can you walk us through the process of creating and executing a unique Portfolio Management Service (PMS) mandate for a client?
  3. What is your opinion on the disclosure requirements of PMS and alpha generation?


Prepared by – Adza Vajime

Date – 7 March 2021

Peer reviewed by – <name>




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