Quant Money Managers


Quant Mutual Fund was came into existence in late 2017 when Quant Capital acquired Escorts Mutual Fund with AUM of INR 200 Crores. Now the AUM has reached to touch INR 9000 Crores (~$1.16 Billion USD).

Quant Money Managers was incorporated in late 1995 by the CEO Sandeep Tandon.

Key staff

Sandeep Tandon, CEO and MD – experience of over 27 years in the capital markets. He has started his money management industry journey as a trainee in the GIC mutual funds. He later joined IDBI asset management company. Where he was a founding member and was part of the core team that initialize asset management business.

Ankit Pande, head of equites – CFA Charter Holder and MBA with more than decade of experience in Indian equities. He has worked with foreign institutional investors across APAC in a business development role and also ventured into seed stage fund raising activities in Hong Kong.

Vasav Sahgal, CFA, fund manager – primarily responsible for equity asset allocation and credit research. Vasav is developing valuation models using  coding and deploying data analytics in python.

Investment philosophy

Quant basically using the active investing with VLRT methodology – VLRT standing for Valuation, Timing, Liquidity and Risk appetite.

The firm appears to use a top-down approach focusing on macro economic indicators, including two dozen proprietary indicators around perception, money flows, euphoria/ capitulation, greed/ fear index, risk on/ off, and so on. The firm also uses machine learning and data analytics techniques.


MMI interview, August 2022

Core beliefs of the organization – Atma the fundamental, prana the liquidity, and Maya the sentiment
Investment philosophy & process – combination of qualitative, quantitative, and behavioral research. The firm does multi-dimensional research because one type of research does not give you all answers. The investment framework, called VLRT framework – gives one-third weightage to the valuation analytics(V), which is typically cash flow-based analytics, one-third to the global liquidity(L), and balance one-third to the risk capital(R), which is sentiment, which helps in de-risking the price derivative data and any valuation metrics time(T).

Marketing strategy – an asset-light model, so using electronic platform. Took two years to organize.

Why are schemes of Quant Mutual Fund topping the charts? ET Money, January 2022.


Prepared by – Amit Soni, May 2022, MMI interview summary by Jigyasu Bhan Singh Aug 2022 




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