Orios Venture Partners

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset ClassLicense
Orios Select Fund 1Early stageSEBI Cat 1
Orios Venture Partners FundEarly stage (Retail, education, healthcare and lending)SEBI Cat 1
Orios Venture Partners Fund IIEarly stageSEBI Cat 1
Orios Venture Partners Fund IIISEBI Cat 2

About the AMC

  • Founded in 2008; earlier as Private Investors and later as VC.
  • Invest in IT and software related startups.
  • The founders of this organization are known as misfits.
  • Aims to make 15-20 investments in a year into innovative B2B, B2C and software spaces.

Key staff

Rehan Yar Khan (Managing Partner)


  • He has been an entrepreneur right after getting out of the college (St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai) in 1992 where he studied Economics, Political Science and Literature.
  • He has also been called Chief foodie in the firm.
  • Founder of “Indian Angel Network’s Mumbai Chapter, co-founder of Harvard Angels India, a TiE charter member and on the Executive Council of Indian Venture Capital Association (IVCA).”
  • Co-author of Make Your Own Luck, a book that was written to encourage investors, founders or anybody related to sales.
  • Angel Investor at 20 investments along with founder of 3 companies among which 2 are in core tech.
  • Specialised in seed stage investments.

Anup Jain (Manager Partner)


  • Specialised in early stage investments.
  • His investments focus on the FMCG and retail sector.
  • Has previously been an angel investor in the areas such as  agri-tech, B2B tech, HR tech and Digital Media.
  • He has also been called as the Chief Explorer of the firm for his love of exploring new places and culture such as local.
  • He has been the founder of the Own Family Office.
  • After serving the position of Senior Vice President/ COO at Bata, he worked as a Strategic Advisor, Consumer and retail in GFK.
  • Apart from that he worked in Yum! Restaurants International, Whirlpool Corporation, Oriflame Cosmetics, RB, Indya.com and P&G.
  • After his BE(mech), he did his MBA in marketing and marketing management from Faculty of Management Studies ( University of Delhi)

Mayur Padia (CFO)


  • CA Mayur Padia, handles “finance, compliance, legal and due diligence at Orios VC”.
  • Have worked in areas like “primaries, secondaries, exits, M&A, follow-on rounds, legal, due diligence and multi-country structuring” in VC.
  • Expert in structuring and Tax issues.
  • He has also worked as “outsourced CFO for many companies in the E- Commerce, IT/ITES, Investment Banking, International Property Consultants space, including Flora2000, Knight Frank, Regus, Equirus, Singapore Airlines & Others”.
  • He has also been known as Captain Planet due to his interest in nature,

Rajeev Suri (Managing Partner)


  • Leads investments related to Consumer Technology.
  • Specialised at early stage investments.
  • MBA from IIM, Bangalore and B. Tech from Bharathiar University.
  • Worked as CMO in Jio, as a Global Marketing Head in Infosys, Entrepreneur, Brand Manager at Colgate, SVP in VuClip.
  • Also been called as the avid biker by this VC firm,

Vinit Bhansali (Vice President)



  • He founded CopperSpiral and Buildkar in the year 2007 and 2014 respectively.
  • Specialised in Early stage investments but currently invests at the seed stage of consumer and technology startups.
  • He is an alumni of New Jersey Institute of Technology and Rutgers University.
  • He has been termed as the Chief Environmentalist because of his nature.

Investment Philosophy (for firm)

  • The founders of this firm are known as “misfits” because:
  • They see the world differently,
  • Look for gaps and the solution to fill them,
  • Unique ways of solving problems.


Title: “Scaling Up Bootcamp -Gaurav Hinduja, Sanjay Nadkarni & Anup Jain Orios Venture Partners”, Source: Orios Youtube page, Date: 21 May 2020


While discussing if a startup should focus on geographical expansion or limited to few with certain matrix at an early stage, Anup Jain, agrees to the fact that if the firm is able to show results on a small scale keeping in mind certain matrix, it should also be able to do so on a large scale.

Further, in the discussion of if the startups should be aggressive or conservative, his views were in the support of balance between the both i.e. growth showing potential.

Title: “Covid-19 impact: Early-stage financing rounds fall 30-37%”, source: Economic Times, Date: 01 April 2020


Anup Jain, the Managing Partner at Orion VC advises to disproportionately preserve dry powder in order to finance their own portfolio companies. Also this pandemic has bought lesser investment opportunities since the emergence of the startups has gone down by at least 30% or 40%.

Analyst questions

  • You said you had been only investing in startups with recognized potential since the last 12 years. How is it different today?
  • The company seems to invest at the seed stage, then why is it that funds are invested at an early stage?



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