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Lares Alpha SchemeHedge fundSEBI AIF Cat 3

About the AMC

  • It was started by Maya Sharan Singh in March 2009.
  • The founder has a previous work experience in India Bulls as Assistant Branch Manager dealing in Equity and Derivatives instruments. He is an alumni of Banaras Hindu University (BHU)

Investment Philosophy (for firm)

Lares concentrates on prospects that offer risk adjusted returns, strict compliance, disciplined due diligence, professional team approach with operations and investment partners, and use of creative, efficient and customized solutions. Their investment philosophy is based on patience, integrity and exclusive business model which apply operational and financial resources across investment strategies. They aim to achieve risk free returns through basic fundamental analysis.  

Fund Investment Strategy

They focus on five major investment strategies that include direct investments, Merger Arbitrage investments, credit investments and direct investment related investments… They have a deep commitment to asset diversification and risk mitigation within each and every strategy. They use financial engineering and mathematical model to execute investment strategy. This helps Lares to move upward quickly with taking advantage of various opportunities across multiple markets. They manage to take risk in a balanced manner, which they remain cautious by not taking excessive risks knowing that it may involve downside results. 

Lares concentrates on its Lares Alpha Scheme that aims to bring out positive results by mixing trade side strategies with purchase side quant strategies. 

  • Relative Value and Smart Value Arbitrage.
  • Quantitative Volatility Trading, and Delta One – Dispersion
  • Smart Opportunities and Distressed Opportunities
  • High frequency trading models based on market micro structure


  1. Title : Lares Alpha Scheme to invest $11M in ecommerce, logistics, bio-tech companies

May 16, 2014

Link :

Platform: VCC Circle

Analyst Questions

Q1) How much is the AUM of the hedge fund? What is the portfolio of the hedge fund?

Q2) How is your portfolio designed to protect investment from market uncertainty?

Q3) What are the key issues that you think your fund has faced? Has any market trends, and new financial regulations affected your fund strategy?

Peer review – Shivani Kadam

Date – 11th May 2020.



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