Edelweiss AMC (AIF)

Funds managed

Fund nameAsset classLicence
Edelweiss Alpha FundLong onlyAIF



Key staff

Radhika Gupta – Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer – Radhika Gupta has more than 15 years of global asset management experience. She started her career with global giants McKinsey and AQR Capital, and then moved to India to start Forefront Capital Management, India’s first registered domestic hedge fund. She joined Edelweiss Group, after the acquisition of Forefront, scaling up the hedge fund business and also leading two asset management acquisitions – JP Morgan and Ambit Capital. She became the CEO of the mutual fund business in 2017, and is now building Edelweiss AMC into a bold, solution-oriented and customer obsessed asset manager.

Investment philosophy

Their investment philosophy is built on three pillars. 

  1. Bottom – Up stock picking
  2. Long term orientation
  3. Growth + quality

Additionally, we are also guided by our commitment to being true to our mandate while following strong risk management practices. 

  1. Bottom up stock picking

They invest in companies that have good management, strong future earnings growth, and are available at a good price. They also invest in companies which are currently not very popular, but have good potential to become mainstream businesses in future. Bottom-Up Stock Picking Long-Term Orientation Growth + Quality.

  1. Long term orientation

 When they invest in a company, they analyse its potential to grow over next 3 to 5 years and invest with a view to hold it for a reasonably long period of time. And because they invest for longer period, the 8th wonder of investing – Compounding starts working.

  1. Growth + Quality

They invest in companies with strong visibility of growth in earnings in years to come and fit within our valuation framework. They do not compromise on quality – both business and the management. They also strongly believe in doing what they say and saying what they do – Their True to Label philosophy and transparency in communication.



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Prepared by – Khushi Shah, October 2021

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