Career in finance industry

So you want to work in finance?

Finance is a pretty wide industry with a range of possible careers. You will need to narrow done much further.

You could choose from the following –

Investments – the asset and wealth management sectors are called the ‘buy side’, within asset management, the stock and bond markets have a long history while the alternatives sectors are relatively recent

Investment banking – the ‘sell side’ can include equities research or transaction advisory

Retail or corporate banking – banks and non-banking financial institutions lend to households or corporates


You should plan your education in line with the line you choose. Shreekant Daga of CAIA has some advice.

Want to know more about these careers?

You can start by browsing the CFA Institute India Career Guide

You can check out summaries prepared by freshers in the Career section of this site.

Then you could check out the financial services practices of various recruitment firms such as Native.

Need to write in more detail…



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