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About the AMC

Catalyzing the best and brightest start-ups that produce new applications, systems, and data for the advancement of transportation worldwide.They are focusing on startups working on LIDAR, RADAR, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Autonomous Vehicles.They are  also partners with other incubator, accelerators, angel investment groups, high networth investors to sponsor/collaborate for our events / meetup sessions.


  • To implement our vision by:
  • Assess market needs / identify pain points
  • Evaluate opportunities / define pivots
  • Add value to startup investments / invest in pivots
  • Add value to market / Address market needs with startup investment

Key staff

  • Sanjay Puri (Founder & Chairman.
  • Prakash Sharma (Senior Growth Hacker)

Investment Philosophy (for firm)

  • Discovery:
  • In this phase, startups will be assessed as per eligibility criteria requirements and a brief market research would be undertaken to evaluate the startup prospects in India. Subsequently the company would be guided with a detailed Soft Landing Plan to leverage upon the Indian opportunities for them.
  • Soft Landing:
  • During this phase, the startup company will need to be in India to conduct pivot tests to validate product market penetration in India. Each startup Soft landing program will be tailored as per the requirements and it will be important for the startup founder/representative to be available for minimum 6 weeks for validating their product market penetration in India. The startups will need to work from Autonebula Incubation Center at Pune or Bengaluru location in India.
  • Pivot Tests:
  • The international startups get an opportunity to work with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) / Subject Matter and validate their assumptions through a structured methodology. The startups also have an opportunity to attend few of the incubation program sessions to fine tune their business model and pitch decks for subsequent funding if needed to potential advanced stage investors


  • Startups are screened on the basis of their business model, Minimum ViableProduct (MVP) status, Target Addressable Market (TAM) and other metrics.
  • Companies selected undergo a program covering areas such as product development, scaling a business and digital marketing.
  • Seed funding may be provided once selected by AUTONEBULA.
  • Companies exit the program within a year then continue receiving our support.

Analyst questions

  • What is the corpus size you maintain for the investments?
  • Since you invest in tech, artificial intelligence startups, which requires huge sum of money to develop,what is the minimum ticket size you follow?



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