Lessons in real estate investing

by Hansi Mehrotra

24th April 2014


Ramesh Nair of Jones Lang LaSalle talks about how to assess real estate investing generally, and how to evaluate real estate funds, developers and individual investments specifically.

1. Investors everywhere believe real estate always goes up. What is your view? (1:15)

2. Don’t the demand/supply dynamics change by increasing floor space index (FSI)? Why not increase the FSI in Mumbai like Hong Kong? (1:16)

3. What should investors look at when considering real estate funds? (1:16)

4. What are the top mistakes real etate funds made previously which they should have learnt from? (1:59)

5. What should they look at when investing with developers, for example through non-convertible debentures (NCDs)? (1:24)

6. What should advisers tell investors when investing in individual properties? (0:58)