Impact of real estate regulation in India

by Hansi Mehrotra

24th November 2014

Parimal Shroff of Parimal. K. Shroff & Co talks about the impact the real estate regulator in India will have and how to effectively invest in this asset class.

1. The government has announced the formation of the real estate regulator. How do you see it affecting the industry and the wealth management industry? (2:16)

2. Will the shortage of supply and the shorter time horizon drive up returns? (0:45)

3. Could you elaborate a bit more on some of the aspects of the new real estate regulator? (0:36)

4. Apart from investing directly, what are some of the financial instrument ways of investing in real estate? (0:59)

5. What factors should one be aware of when investing in real estate? (0:17)

6. Apart from the fundamentals like location, what other aspects should one look at that are more promoter or project related? (1:02)

7. Can advisers or investors rely on what the promoters are telling them? (0:42)

8. What about the valuation reports, can investors rely on them?

9. What is a letter of allotment and do you advise that people invest in real estate through a letter of allotment? (0:25)

10. What services do you provide to the private banking or the wealth management industry? (0:56)

11. Do you get involved in estate planning at all? (0:33)